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Un projet RESSPIR

We are pleased to inform you that our web-series Respire (“Breathe”) has recently been subtitled in English.

Here is the link for the episodes and teaching materials : https://www.resspir.org/nos-formations/comment-aborder-la-spiritualite-en-milieu-de-soins

Or directly on Youtube :


To activate the English subtitles on Youtube, you can proceed as shown below.


Warning ! The series are not a "model" of what spiritual care should be, but a training tool accompanied by teaching modules. The situations you will see in the series, which may disturb or even shock you, are intended to encourage you to take a step back and reflect on them personally or as a group/team.
If you would like to translate the training modules, please contact us.

Procedure to activate English subtitles on Youtube

Webseries RESPIRE,  “BREATHE” Season 1 :

1. Select the gear wheel settings of youtube and then subtitles : English
2. Select "English" and then "Options"
3. Select the font size
4. If you want, select the background colour