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Religion and spirituality: How clinicians in Quebec and Geneva cope with the issue when faced with patients suffering from chronic psychosis

Borras, L., Mohr, S., Gilliéron, C., Brandt, P.-Y., Rieben, I., Leclerc, C., & Huguelet, P. (2010).  Community Mental Health Journal, 46(1), 77-86.

Abstract. Spirituality and religion have been found to be important in the lives of many people suffering from severe mental disorders, but it has been claimed that clinicians "neglect" their patients' religious issues. In Geneva, Switzerland and Trois-Rivières, Quebec, 221 outpatients and their 57 clinicians were selected for an assessment of religion and spirituality. A majority of the patients reported that religion was an important aspect of their lives. Many clinicians were unaware of their patients' religious involvement, even if they reported feeling comfortable with the issue. Both areas displayed strikingly similar results, which supports their generalization.

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